Friday, July 06, 2012

homemade fishfood

I've put out a big half-barrel of water. Rainwater with some dirt that got in there accidentally. At the back of the garden I've had a big flowerpot that turned out waterproof. 3/4 of that is clay from the garden, the rest is water.

A quick thrawl trough both with a net yielded this nice selection of fish food. The small lines are young mosquito larvae, the big red things are tubifex. I always put the catch in a white containter since it makes it easier to check for anything unwanted.

The last two weeks or so my fish have been getting live food at least once a day. All that seems to have sent some hormones surging. One of my few remaining boraras brigittae seems to experience a hormone surge:

And the big guys are nicely coloured too:

When you do put out water do keep an eye out for damselfly larvae.

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