Thursday, September 14, 2006

ACommand Line SMTP Mailer for Windows is something that comes in handy from time to time. I stumbled across this one and found it excellent! A stand-alone executable of a mere 17kb and it does what needs to be done and nothing more than that. Highly reccomended!
A flying Me-262. I'd never thought that would happen but some crazy americans are actually building them again. Check out: Stormbirds

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weber makes some very fine barbecues. Since my 33rd birthday a few weeks ago I'm the proud owner of a One-Touch Gold. Tried it out tonite and wow! That's grilling made very easy. My burgers tasted like ever before. The chimney starter makes it incredibly easy to get the thing started.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Originally uploaded by j_wijnands.
My wife had bought herself a new cap (or perhaps a baret, I'm not sure). My son Bas also liked it a put it on. I was just in the garden to try and take a picture of a spider when I turned around and saw this. Had perhaps 2 seconds to take this shot so considering that it's not bad.
What I should have done is sit down, now his arm is cut of. Still, I'm pleased with this. Even the out of focus background turned out rather nice (bokeh?) and that with the humble 18-55 kit lens.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Moving day is tomorrow! Since we got the keys to our new house it's gone from "well, not much to do in the new place" to "and that needs painting, and that, and that...."

Most important bits are now wallpapered, painted or possibly both. Which is just in time because tomorrow I've rented a van, asked some friends to help out and we are going to move from this 2 bedroom appartment to a three bedroom house with a garden.

I'm curious to see if KPN will move my internet connection in time.