Monday, July 16, 2012

Big aquarium update

The last picture was already somewhat old so time for a new one.

The Ceratopteris thalictroides at the back right have had some problems. Halfway the stems would go black and whole piece would come of. Not sure what has caused that. I've trimmed back the main plant and let some of the cuttings float a bit after which they rooted.
The rocks in the foreground have been covered with riccia because I got a bunch of it for free. I've also transfered some Rotala rotundifolia from the gallon experiment to see what it would do. Front left is some Echinodorus angustifolia which came free with the Riccia. Front right is the Pogostemon Helferi slowly spreading. The willowmoss on the sticks is growing so well it needs weekly pruning.

Now if you compare that with the previous picture you can see I've cleared away quite a bit on the left.

Fishwise I've added 3 ancistrus claro because I couldn't resist these small bristlenoses. That's a major break with the mainly asian theme but I just could not find an Asian bottom dweller that was plant safe and shrimp safe.
The claros do show themselves on the glass or the back where's there's the most algae. Sometimes one rests on a foreground pebble. Lovely sight!

Ancistrus Claro

Now I am a bit worried about these new fish. They move about, seem healthy, graze algae but any attempt at feeding them with fresh vegetables has led to this:

A shrimp feeding frenzy!

I've tried:
  • shelled peas
  • thawed spinach
  • cucumber
  • corydoras wafers.

Nothing leads to any reaction. I just hope these guys will pick it up once the algae gets depleted and that they're not such whimps that they let themselves be outcompeted for food by a bunch of crusteceans.


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