Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quick daisy

Daisy 2
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Had taken my camera to the office. Just before my shift was over I strolled out and shot this. Not too shabby!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Disaster recovery

Is an important aspect of managing any IT infrastructure. I just spent the week doing a test at IBM Almere to see if we could get a client's infrastructure up and running there.

I was really impressed by the facilities and the helpful and skilled personnel at IBM Business continuity services. Restoring a backup from a HP system on IBM hardware is very easy using their methods.

What I've learned
  • Having a system state backup with NT Backup somewhere on your local drives can help a lot
  • If you've restored exchange with HP dataprotector eseutil /cc is an easy way to replay your logs into your store
  • The ancient Citrix 1.7 this client uses takes restoring really well
  • Restoring DHCP is simply a matter of copying the MDB file from the backup location to the right folder and starting the service.

All in all an intense, tiring and very interesting week.

Hairy behind

Hairy behind
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Digitalis in my garden is attracting bumblebees. Like to see them getting in and out of the flowers.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bakery demonstration

Bakery demonstration
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Took the kids to an open day at a local bakery. Nice demonstrations, good products. I think it's important that they know where their food comes from. (Although I think I'll postpone the abattoir for a few more years)

Monday, May 14, 2007

cycling pic

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I'm very proud of this. A lot of hard work went into it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Bas en Oma
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Perhaps, certainly looks like a lot of PP went into it. I think I like it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


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Only shot with 50mm and a polarizer that turned out halfway decent.
Windows cannot create the object because the Directory Service was unable to allocate a relative identifier.

Is a message I got on a restored Windows 2003 domain controller. Restore went fine but I could not create a single object in AD.
This happened when we were doing a disaster recovery exercise and part of that exercise was restoring a single domain controller. Now, this is obviously a RID master issue. Most logical course of action would be to seize the FSMO roles. However, according to a netdom /query fsmo I already had all the FSMO roles on that DC.

Bit of a puzzler so I phoned a colleague who told me that seized roles do not become active unless a single successful replication has been made. In my case where I only had a single "surviving" DC the easiest option would be to use sites and services to remove all connections from my DC and let the KCC check the connections. 15 minutes later it had determined that this DC was rather alone and that it would be save to get the RID pool online. And it worked, I could once again create objects in AD.

Another interesting piece of experience I gained was that it can be very useful to have a system state backup made with ntbackup when you're trying to restore a machine on different hardware.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shrimp molted!

I suspect they've done so earlier but yesterday I discovered the first evidence of a molted shrimp. Unable to take a decent pic because the old shell is lying in a dense patch of plants but it's there. Looks just like a shrimp has taken it's coat of.

I also have two females carrying eggs. Curious to see when they will hatch.

The tetras are still doing fine, only the lone male guppy is feeling a bit alone. He's still trying to impress the gold tetras because they're the closest thing to a female guppy.