Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to clean up memory on your Android phone

Yesterday my Android phone started complaining about low memory. A quick check gave me Navigon of course as a main consumer of space. 26mb and it refuses to shift to the SD card. It wasn't the top scorer though, that was contacts storage.

Some further investigation gave me with some good step by step information on how to handle that.

While creating a backup of my gmail contacts I noticed that there were 2100 of them. Now I don't even know 210 people let alone 2100. So I dug into gmail and it seems it's added everyone I ever mailed to my contacts.

Anyway, using the instructions above I managed to shrink my contacts storage to 424 kb.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to save battery life on an HTC Desire

Early this year I bought an HTC Desire to replace the horrible Nokia 5800 I had. Nifty little phone, I like it a lot but it eats trough a battery charge in a day or so. I finally got to grips with that. Here's my tips
  • Disable dynamic wallpaper
  • Disable any radios you do not use (bluetooth and wifi especially)
  • Disable Wifi positioning (settings- location- use wireless networks)
  • Set phone to GSM only if you don't need data (settings-wireless & networks -Mobile Networks -Network mode)

Now I get three days out of a single charge instead of just one day.