Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Trigonostigma Hengeli turns out to be Trigonostigma espei

Someone on Practical Fishkeeping pointed out to me that what I bought as being Trigonostigma Hengeli are actually Trigonostigma espei. Shame really because I bought them as Hengeli. This is a real hengeli, far less coloured on the body:

Difference isn't stellar, Espei is a bit more coloured and comes from Thailand and Cambodia, not from Indonesia like Hengeli. Fortunately their needs in water quality are almost identical. These are blackwater species, water in forest where all sorts of things drop into the water and decay which gives tannin rich water, slightly acidic and rather soft. I replicate that with alder catkins and some oak leaves.

Once again it shows that you can't really trust the shop's identification.

Still really like these fish though, they've got personality, are kind to the small rasboras and they absolutely love peas! Soon I'll have the first batch of mosquito larvae to feed, wonder how they will react to those.


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