Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well... I've put in a bit of practice. The set is portable, it straps to the outside of my lowepro flipside 300. I used it at my wife's brothers birthday for a few family snaps.

This one turned out nice but for the distraction in the background.


Nothing a crop couldn't fix.

DSC_7089_DXO copy2

Someone commented on one of my earlier shots at flickr. I tried to use my secondary flash, aSB-26, to provide light in the background to make it brighter and whiter. That failed rather spectacular.

And sometimes I get it wrong

Way too much light in the background. This is still a bit of a puzzler to me. There's loads of information out there that mentions how great two flashes in full manual are but very little on how exactly you set a manual flash.

I think I'll hit the SB-26 manual, see what that says.

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