Friday, August 07, 2009

100mm tokina doubts resolved

Vanessa atalanta
Originally uploaded by j_wijnands.
Recently I've had a very low keeper ratio with the tokina 100mm 2.8 macro. So low that I was wondering if I had to go trough the trouble of using the AF fine tune on the body.

Yesterday I noticed this butterfly, Vanessa Atalanta to be specific, on a bush in my garden. I shot about a dozen frames of it. 2 where not shapr because I focussed on the wrong spot. The rest turned out as this one did. Sharp where it counts.

Looking back I think the low keeper ratio was a combination of me getting used to my new camera, poor technique and wind moving the branches on which the insects sat.

Anyway, this shot proves again that the tokina with the D300 is as good a combination as the person using it.

Now all I have to learn is how to do shots like this from a tripod.

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