Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to install windows XP from a USB stick

And this method actually works!

1. Get an iso image, I used XP Home with SP3.
2. Get Rufus 1.3.1
3. Get a stick (1gb will do)
4. Set it like this:

Device and capacity will vary depending on what you use. Important here is the bottom bit:
- quick format
- create a bootable disk using ISO image (click the icon next to that and point to the ISO)

5. Now click start and be patient. The next bit can easily take 2 hours. The program does indicate progress
6. Stick in the laptop/netbook you're installing. Boot from USB (either set in the bios or hit ESC or F10 during boot)
7. Do remember to remove the stick when Windows starts rebooting.

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