Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bought some breeding caves

Like most Loricariidae family Ancistrus Claro also likes to use a hole when spawning. The male picks a hole, cleans it and lures the female in it. The female deposits eggs and there her involvement ends. The male takes care of the eggs.

Because the average aquarium doesn't allow for the digging of holes people provide the fish with nesting sites. This can be as simple as a shard of flowerpot or a piece of PVC pipe but you can also supply a breeding cave.

I bought two from Wendy who runs her shop at She makes caves in a variety of colours and sizes. All are hand made and fired in a real kiln.I bought the smallest size cave.

As you can see we're dealing with a handmade product, no 2 are identical.

The caves are pretty nice actually. The colour matches the driftwood in my tank. The shape is irregular enough to break it up and let it camouflage. The finish is what you'd expect from unglazed ceramics, very rough but also very even. I'm hoping the roughness will encourage things growing on them. I think javamoss would take really easy.

Another nice thing about these caves is that they're very affordable! I bought these two for 2.90 each. Shipping was 5 euros which was very reasonable considering the actual cost was 6.75.

I do hope I guessed the size OK. Even though my fish still need to grow a bit it looks awfully big.

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