Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nano and pico aquarium fascination

Since the recent overhaul of my Juwel 60-ish liter aquarium I've once again become fascinated by the idea of a second aquarium. Unfortunately I do not have the room for a second full size tank and even finding a spot for a small extra tank will be a challenge.

Recently the nano and even pico aquarium has gained a lot of popularity. There's an ample supply of 10 and 20 liter setups two of which have caught my attention.

Aquael Shrimp Set 20

Superfish Aqua-Qubie 25

Both are roughly similar in dimensions, both feature a tiny filter and heater. The Aquael has an 11 watt PL light which is typical for tanks in this class, the superfish is one of the first that features a LED light of about 3 watts power consumption.

Of course there's also plenty of more conventional rectangular aquariums in the 25 liter class.

Then there's another class, the pico aquarium. Slobodan Lazarevic is a master of the subject as you can see here:

A dream in just 2 liters!

There's various other things of course like a pickle jar.

Practical fishkeeping (lovely magazine) has some good information on planting a small tank.

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