Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gray Heron catching a fish

I'm on a rather busy and intense project at the moment so whenever I can I take the camera with me to the office and go for a walk in my lunch break. Lovely way to keep the stress under control.

Today was decent weather as well for a change. Barely out of the office I spotted my very first Green Woodpecker! Not a good picture unfortunately.

A little further I spotted a grey heron against some dried out reeds. Now these birds are a common feature of the water rich parts of our country (which is most of it really) but despite being common I like them. Big enough that even a 300mm will do if you apprach with care. Colourful enough to make a nice shot most of the time.

I'd just shot a frame thinking I'd get a nice portait out of it when suddenly it struck and caught a fish.

Grey heron catches fish

Grey heron catches fish

Grey heron catches fish

Grey heron catches fish

I was set for a portrait, barely set in fact so the shutter speed was slower than it should have been but because these birds are big and stationary hunters I could get away with it.

Timing from the first splash, which I excluded thinking it's not that interesting, to the fish swallowed took about 5 seconds.

All pics are clickable for the bigger versions

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