Thursday, February 03, 2011

Am I too hard on myself?

Goosander fighting
Originally uploaded by j_wijnands.
Spent sunday morning walking, not the greatest weather. On my way back I decided to take a slight detour and see if there was anything interesting in the canal. Goosanders, a load of them and obviously feeling the spring in their wings already.

I spent at least 15 minutes watching this, started out with 5 males, 3 females but the group got larger.

I like this shot for the composition, the exposure is decent but I see also what's wrong with it, mainly the noise.

Now I wondering.. am I being too hard on myself? Birding is tricky enough and this is as good as it's going to get in a somewhat shaded canal with a solid overcast sky.

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Akos said...

It's an ISO 1600 shot at 500mm 1/250th. Loss of detail and noise will be a part of ISO 1600. And you're already at half the speed you should be with your focal length. ISO 800 would have been 1/125th, ISO 400 would have been 1/60th.. Good luck getting that one sharp at 500mm.

I like the shot! Stop pixelpeeping ;-)