Thursday, January 13, 2011

I just won an Ipad, now what?

In a lottery at work I was one of the lucky few to win an iPad. The basic model with 16gb and WiFi but still... I almost never win things so I was glad.

Then I got thinking.. what the **** am I going to do with it? I've got a decent PC in the living room for the family. I got the standard issue laptop from my employer which is good enough for a bit of internet access from the couch. I've got a basic nokia series 40 phone with a private SIM and a Nokia 5800 with a SIM provided by my employer.

I access the internet mainly from my laptop, occasionally from the Nokia 5800 if there's wifi access. I don't travel via public transport.

So... should I sell the iPad? Or keep it?

1 comment:

Akos said...

You can go altruistic, and give it to your neighbor ;-)