Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ilse deLange - next to me

I'm often very slow to notice new music, the fact that I don't listen to any music stations on the radio and don't watch the shows on TV where these things are often announced makes me miss these things.

But, things get trough to me eventually like Ilse deLange's new album, next to me.

What can I say? I liked her first efforts in the 1990s, nice, laid back and somewhere between Country, Singer/songwriter and plain pop. I liked to see her do TV interviews, that shy but also somewhat impish smile, the very natural looking responses, for me a refreshing change from all the big American names with media coaching and rehearsed interviews.

Her latest album shows that the girl has matured in her music and has the good sense to hire a good crew. Next to me was the most obvious single choice but I also like Paper Plane (which I would have picked as the single), Caroussel and the lovely Ballad "almost". All in all a nice album, recommended!

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