Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love VR!

D300 on a monopod, 70-300 VR on 250mm, iso 1600 and 1/4 shutter speed and I get this:

VR rules! 1/4 second!

Not too shabby I think. OK, granted, this was one of about a dozen but still...

A bit further on I got this.
Looking at someone else

Now, pictures like this will never draw in the crowds, certainly not on flickr but I like it. I'd found this doe and was tracking her for a few minutes in my viewfinder waiting for her to raise her head briefly. She did when a walker some distance away stepped on a twig.

This one took some more effort, this buck is camera shy, doesn't run but strolls away taking care only to show his rear towards the camera. Waling a big circle and doing a slow approach work

Elusive deer

All in all some nice work I think but still not the fighting bucks I'm hoping for.

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