Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Red squirrel backlit

Red squirrel backlit
Originally uploaded by j_wijnands.
Recently I blogged about how I improved a horrible shot of a squirrel into something acceptable.

Normally I get maybe half a dozen photo opportunities for squirrel a year. Now the second one right after the first.

Problem here is that the squirrel noticed me at the same time I noticed him. And squirrel tend to flee when they notice humans. This little guy was rather curious about me so decided to watch me from the safety of a tree. I shot about 8 frames of tihs animal before moving closer and spooking it of course.

On reviewing it closely I noticed I've focused a bit too much in front of the animal. Despite that I decided to keep it. I love the way the ears are accented by the backlight.

So, basically the age old question comes into it, do I go for technical perfection? Or do I let the mood into the picture? I decided on the latter.

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