Friday, January 15, 2010

Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement

I remember the first time I head Alanis, back in 1995 with the monster hit "Ironic". At that time she was a very interesting new artist (good looking too!). After the first album "
Jagged Little Pill" ,which I really liked, I also enjoyed her live album which she released late 1999. After that she got a bit soft and I more or less lost interest.

Yesterday I got my hands on her latest album,
Flavors of Entanglement, and my first impression was "And she back, back with a vengeance!" This is the Alanis I've come to know and love, full of piss and vinager, anger and some things and saddned by others. She's grown up and found herself again.

The instrumentals have progressed with the years, there's very interesting sounds and effects going on on a lot of the tracks. The sound itself is typical Alanis with some influences that remind me of Madonna's ray of light period and even late Björk albums. It seems that she has avoided the current fashion of really heavy and "in your face" bass for which I'm grateful.

All in all an interesting album, highly recommend!

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