Friday, May 25, 2007

Disaster recovery

Is an important aspect of managing any IT infrastructure. I just spent the week doing a test at IBM Almere to see if we could get a client's infrastructure up and running there.

I was really impressed by the facilities and the helpful and skilled personnel at IBM Business continuity services. Restoring a backup from a HP system on IBM hardware is very easy using their methods.

What I've learned
  • Having a system state backup with NT Backup somewhere on your local drives can help a lot
  • If you've restored exchange with HP dataprotector eseutil /cc is an easy way to replay your logs into your store
  • The ancient Citrix 1.7 this client uses takes restoring really well
  • Restoring DHCP is simply a matter of copying the MDB file from the backup location to the right folder and starting the service.

All in all an intense, tiring and very interesting week.

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