Monday, February 19, 2007

Dark, moody and beautiful

If you want music like that I suggest you listen to Virgin state of mind by K's choice.
I found on a buffy sountrack album.

Got a knife to disengage the voids that I can't bear
To cut out words I've got written on my chair

Like do you think I'm sexy
Do you think I really care

Can I burn the mazes I grow
Can I, I don't think so

Can I burn the mazes I grow
Can I, I don't think so

Where can I run to, where can I hide
Who will I turn to now I'm in a virgin state of mind

I've also been watching some of the old episodes. Interesting how that show starts out rather light and airy and drifts towards darkness in the later seasons.

The song reminds me a bit of when I was sitting in cafe Berg in Vienna on a lonely thursday evening in November downing three beers and listening to a Garbage album for the first time.

Would be interesting to try and capture some images to go with this but that's probably a bit beyond my current skills and time constraints. I'd love to do some dark and urban shots sometime but the place where I live doesn't make for good nighttime scenery.

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