Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I went to see the latest James Bond, Casino Royal tonight. First time in 5 years I went to the cinema by my self. Very nice to spend some time doing something without anyone else.

The film itself was rather good. Of course it only loosely followed the book but hey, that's 53 years old now. What it did have was a lot more feeling of the real James Bond. James is, let face it, just not a very nice guy. Daniel Craig is, in my opinion, possibly the best James Bond since Connery did Dr. No in '63.

Script did keep some of the unexpected changes of direction the book also had. Eva Green playes a nice Vesper Lynn, sexy in a way you wouldn't expect in a major hit film these days. All in all, highly recommended! IMDB gives it a 7.9 which might be the highest rated Bond ever.

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