Monday, May 01, 2006

Yesterday I drove 200kms to Groningen to see Bonnie Raitt play live at the Oosterpoort. One of my absolute favourite artists, an excellent blues performer and an all-round great musician. 200 kms to Groningen and 200kms back does mean that I'm now suffering from severe lack of sleep. But, it was worth it. She's got a new irish guy, Foy Vance, on tour with here. Interesting, certainly's got load of potential, somehow he reminds me of an early
Bruce Springsteen but more the singer/songwriter Bruce than the hard-rocking Bruce.

And then the main set.... Bonnie once again still doing what she does best, performing live. Set list from the concert in Utrecht was. What she playes was this I think:

Unnecessarily Mercenary
I Will Not Be Broken
God Was In The Water
I Believe I'm In Love With You
Bad Case Of Loving You
Nick Of Time
Crooked Crown
Papa Come Quick (Jody and Chiko)
Women Be Wise
Something To Talk About
Love Sneakin' Up On You
--- encore ---
The Bed I Made
I Can't Make You Love Me
Road Runner
Luck Of The Draw
Angel From Montgomery

But I was too busy enjoying myself to take notes.

I'm trying to find some pictures, I did see one guy in the front row busy with a digicam, just hoping he'll put them online somewhere.

It's so nice to see such skilled musicians performing very well without any apparant effort. George Marinelli is very good at that, always chewing a wad of gum and just doing his thing. Nick of time was nice with Jon Cleary and Bonnie playing keys together.

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